How On Demand Doctors Can Help Patients Recover Faster?

On Demand Doctors

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. Such emergencies could be injuries caused by an accident, burns, or worsened medical conditions. Thanks to advancements in medical facilities in major cities like Dubai, getting high-quality medical care from your home is now possible.  

A home visit doctor in Dubai can improve a patient’s recovery time by maximizing a patient’s comfort. In addition to hiring the services of a visiting doctor, patients can receive complete attention from a visiting nurse. Dive into this blog to know how this trend is helping people.  

The Growing Trend of On-Demand Doctors 

Recent years have shown a significant increase in the trend of home-visiting doctors. It is not a new trend as doctors and physicians have been visiting patients for a long time. However, the sudden rise in the trend recently has been mostly because of the rise of technology. The creation of multiple platforms to offer medical assistance has played a significant role. Also, many hospitals have started offering the service of on-demand doctors directly.  

The following are the reasons responsible for the unreal growth of the trend of on-demand doctors:  

Ease and Accessibility 

One of the biggest reasons why people opt for home-visiting doctors is because they are easily accessible. When booking an appointment with a doctor at a hospital, several factors can delay medical care for a patient. For example, there could be long queues of patients who came before you to receive medical care. Also, your doctor may have to attend to other patients admitted in the emergency. Delayed care can cause a patient a lot of stress. It also can take a toll on a patient’s physical health. 

On top of these problems, finding a cab or an ambulance (depending on a patient’s age and condition) are some other challenges.  

Opting for a doctor on-demand service helps you avoid all these challenges. You just need to visit the website or the mobile application of a service to book an appointment. Instead of you traveling to the hospital, a doctor will travel to you. So, no need to go through the hassle of traveling back and forth to the hospital.  

Dedicated Care 

Doctors at hospitals see tens of cases every single day. All this workload may impact the quality of dedicated care for the patients. When treated at home, patients can receive complete attention and care without any distractions. Also, the patients can be more open about their condition in the privacy of their homes. Such information can help doctors to ensure faster healing among patients.  

Often these doctors provide their contact details for patients to answer their questions when they are away. If a patient’s condition worsens, they can simply contact their doctor for complete assistance. Doctors can then visit the patient.   

Comprehensive Medical Care  

Medical care at home has improved significantly over the years. Now doctors can show up with the necessary medical equipment to check and monitor a patient’s condition. They can handle minor injuries and offer quality care to patients who need more attention.  

Oftentimes, the condition of a patient requires the attention of multiple specialists. For example, if some illness impacts a patient’s kidneys, your doctor can suggest a urologist. Multiple doctors collaborating can help patients heal from complex illnesses.  

Apart from collaborating with other specialists, on-demand doctors can instruct visiting nurses about medication, IV infusions, diet, and other things. Patients with chronic diseases can especially benefit from such collaborations.  

Leveraging Technology for Quality Care 

Healthtech companies are continuously improving medical wearables like glucometers, pacemakers, and other such devices. IoT devices with capabilities of contacting hospitals on their own are in the works. These devices will further improve the quality of care for patients in the comfort of their houses.  

Even with the medical devices currently available in the market, patients can receive better care. Glucometers and blood pressure monitors can help family members monitor the health of their loved ones. Sharing any abnormalities in the readings with the doctor can ensure a patient’s faster recovery.  


Doctor on-demand services serve patients in a variety of ways and help them recover sooner. Since these services are easily accessible, patients do not have to delay their appointment. A patient can receive dedicated and more personalized care with this facility. Also, the service can provide patients with comprehensive care compared to that of a hospital. The developing technologies and medical devices are also helping cover the medical needs of patients. Thanks to all this, the quality of at-home care is continuously improving.