Who is Kim Namjoon? Age, Net worth, and more | Complete Biography

RM or also known as Kim Namjoon, is the leader of BTS.

There are numerous rising stars, and all of them bring tons of different talent to this large platform. Hence, one of the biggest bands and superstars that have been rising is BTS. This is a 7-member boy band that rose from South Korea. All of the members are special and unique with their fabulous talent. Hence, because every group needs a leader to protect, inform as well as direct the rest of the members, RM or also known as Kim Namjoon, is the leader of BTS. There is a ton of different information that stays online. 

Kim Namjoon, or RM, was born on the 12th of September 1994. Hence, his age is now 28 years old. He is a South Korean rapper, record producer, and songwriter. He has a brilliant story to display, and it is one of the most inspiring ones as well. RM first released his solo mixtape, known as RM, in 2015. Hence, this is where his career really started to hit its peak.

Not only that but in 2018, he released his second mixtape, which is known as Mono. This was a major hit, and it got great recognition from around the world. It topped at number 26 on the US Billboard 200. Moreover, Mono also became the highest-charting album created by a Korean soloist. Therefore, this is when people started recognizing Kim Namjoon for his true talent and humble personality. 

The history of Kim Namjoon 

There is always a wide history when it comes to talented people. Hence, RM or Kim Namjoon got into hip-hop music in fifth grade, just 11 years old, after he heard Fly by Epik High. Hence, that is when music began to be his comfort home, and he started to move on with developing his own lyrics and combining his own thoughts. Kim Namjoon has always been a smart kid with an IQ of 148.

Hence, he was a top student and aced in all subjects. In the month of March 2019, he graduated from Global Cyber University while holding a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment. 

In the growing years, people noticed the changes in their features as well as the overall style of Kim Namjoon, which made him gain more fame. Kim Namjoon’s height is 181 cm, and he is the tallest of the rest of the members. Moreover, he has a massive following because of his visuals as well as because of his pure talent. There are tons of different opportunities that have crossed Kim Namjoon’s life, and all of them have given him the best sort of entrance to a famous audience. 

Joining in Big Hit Entertainment and Debut 

Kim Namjoon gave an audition in 2009 for Big Deal Records, and he passed the first round and got in. There were tons of different things they had to go through and a ton of different references as well.

Hence, after numerous changes and decisions, it finally came to the conclusion that he is now a part of a band known as BTS, which consists of 7 members in total. RM is the leader of BTS because he was the first person to join the band and form it. Hence, it is from then that everyone grew into their stages and gained immense popularity, especially RM, for representing BTS the best he could. 

He has been given a ton of appreciation for keeping up with everyone within the group and making the right choices considering everyone’s comments as well as opinions. Therefore, he has been known to be one of the best band leaders ever. 

The Biggest Achievements Earned. 

By looking at the past history of Kim Namjoon and the present, there is no doubt that he has earned a ton of respect as well as fame because of his talent, form of speech, leadership as well as humbleness.

Hence, by coordinating how old is Kim Namjoon, we can say he has been the best in the spotlight. The greatest achievement he has made was his award-winning speech at UNICEF on the 24th of September 2018. Alongside all of this, all of his solo albums and band albums also coordinate reaching the top ranks in numerous charts of the US.