Common Google Pixel Problems & How to fix Them

Google Pixel problems

Our lives now cannot function without our phones. Of course, we depend on them for practically all of our daily needs. While other phones cause you a lot of trouble, some support you properly for a very long time.

A phone is simply a device, after all. And a device might occasionally have issues. Any issue, from a connectivity problem to a power issue, could be a problem.

The 10 most frequent issues that Google Pixel owners have are listed below.

1: The Battery Issue

No matter the brand, most mobile phone consumers have battery issues frequently. Owners of Google Pixels experience it the most. There have been numerous complaints of users having problems with how long their devices keep switching on.

Solution: Keep your mobile device in battery-saving mode at all times, first and foremost. It only requires that you navigate to the settings, click on Battery, and then select the battery-saving option. Altering the brightness settings is another way to extend your device’s battery life.

2: Connectivity Problems

Owners of Pixel devices frequently report being unable to connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or their cellular network. It isn’t very pleasant, of course, especially when you need it the most.


  • First, restart the device you’re attempting to connect to and your phone.
  • Secondly, try to reset the specific connection.
  • Thirdly, you can try activating airplane mode for 30 seconds, turning it off, and then re-attempting to connect to the network.
  • If the connectivity problem persists, try configuring your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.

3: Having issues with Google Now

Google Now can occasionally be a hassle.

Google Now issues are common among Pixel users.


  • If your device isn’t connected to the internet, check your internet connection.
  • The alternative is to try rebooting both your internet and phone.
  • If none of these solutions work, lastly, make sure Google Now is up to date.

4: Slow User Interface

Every phone eventually becomes slow, and the Google Pixel is no different. It typically occurs when a phone’s internal storage is full.


  • Try to clear up space on your cell phone by deleting unnecessary apps and pictures.
  • In addition, you want to minimize the use of live wallpapers and close any open applications.
  • The cache of an app can be cleared. Choose the app under Settings > Apps, then select the Clear Cache option from the menu.

5: Blurry Images

One of the most prevalent Pixel issues seen by photographers is blurry pictures.

The camera itself is the problem. Fortunately, there is a solution.


  • Rather than using the app that came with your device, you may download one from the Google Play Store to remove blurry photographs.
  • Check the lens on your mobile camera if you aren’t using the device’s default app and your pictures are still shaky.
  • To solve the problem, lightly brush the camera lens with a soft cloth.

6: Overheating

Another regular issue that Pixel owners deal with is overheating. And let’s be quite clear: using a too-hot phone can be dangerous.


  • As far as possible, please avoid using your phone while charging.
  • Additionally, stay away from apps that need a lot of processing power.
  • After using your phone for a while, stop using it right away if it starts to grow warm.

7: Software Issue

Your phone’s software or application could crash for any cause. It may occasionally result from the outdated app, your failure to update it, etc.

Solution: The only thing you can do in this case is to update your software to the most recent version. Uninstall the application and try installing it from the Google Play Store again if it doesn’t work.

8: The Sync Error

Another frequent Google Pixel issue you may be familiar with is the synchronization error.

Solution: Verify your internet connection and the availability of the service you are trying to sync with, such as Google, to ensure that none of these conditions are happening. You can go ahead if both of these requirements are satisfied.

9: Failure of Fingerprint Scanner

The majority of the time, this issue is brought on by the frequent use of fingerprint scanners. Using your fingerprint scanner with damp hands is another reason for this.


  • You must use your fingerprint scanner carefully in the first place if you want to keep it in good working order at all times.
  • With a soft, dry cloth, thoroughly clean your scanner.
  • Remove any saved fingerprints and restart your device if you have any.

10: Display Issues

Are you having problems with the display on your phone?

Solution: The display issue might be resolved by simply rebooting your smartphone. However, it is advisable calling a Google Pixel phone repair technician if you have physically damaged your phone or dropped it in the water.


Above are the most common problems of Google pixel. It is advised to get in touch with experts to fix the problem if you are still experiencing issues with your Pixel.